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Residential Refrigeration

Residential Refrigeration Installation & Repair

Your refrigerator is a necessity, but like many appliances which we use every day, we don’t know how important they are until they need to be replaced or repaired. A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC is here to help you to get the most out of your fridges, wine cellars, cold storage units, box freezers, and ice machines. We’ve got years of experience helping the people of Las Vegas, Nevada and Flathead Valley area in Montana preserve, install, and fix the refrigerators and associated appliances.

Signs Your Fridge Needs Repairs

Why is my fridge too cold or not cold enough?

The first thing to do is to check the fridge thermostat to see if a simple adjustment will solve the problem. If not, then the issue could be:
  1. A clogged condenser coil
  2. A poor door seal
  3. A defective fan
  4. If you hear a clicking sound before the compressor starts, then the defect is with the start capacitor or the compressor itself

Why is my fridge is leaking?

Finding water under the fridge is probably from:
  1. A broken line leading to your water dispenser or ice maker
  2. A drain pan that has cracks or holes
  3. A clogged drain

Why is my fridge is making lots of noise?

This is usually due to a few possible issues:

  1. A loss of lubrication in the fan or coolant motors
  2. A loose fan blade
  3. The drip pan is too close to the compressor (causing it to vibrate)

A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC can help you with more than just your fridge.

The people of Las Vegas, Nevada and Flathead Valley area in Montana come to us for help with:
  • Custom wine coolers
  • Cold storage units
  • Box freezers
  • Ice machines