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Commercial Refrigeration Installation & Repair

A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC offers a complete range of commercial refrigeration services. Whether you own a restaurant, a hotel, a hospital, or an office cafeteria, A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC will offer you the support you’re searching for at a reasonable price. The business owners of Las Vegas, Nevada will call on A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC to set up, repair, or perform regular maintenance on:

We Can Help With All of Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers:

When you have a lot of perishable foods that require precise temperature management as well as a need for sufficient space for ease of access, a walk-in fridge or freezer is the best solution.

Ice Machines & Commercial Ice Makers:

From refreshing beverages to keeping displayed food at the appropriate temperature and much more, ice machines are convenient and permit for more space in a freezer.

Deli & Display Cases:

When you serve great food, you want to show it off. Deli and display cases keep your food at the right temperature while also allowing it to be close at hand.

Under Bar Refrigeration:

Made not simply for bars, but all types of serving areas, under bar refrigeration offers cool convenience when you want it most.

Display Merchandisers:

Reduce the amount of work your employees have to perform by allowing your clients to get their frosty beverages or cold food themselves.

Server Rooms:

For the computer servers to operate, they have to be kept cool. This is sometimes difficult because servers are running continuously, developing a great deal of heat that will eventually wear the machine down. Possessing a temperature controlled server room will provide the perfect environment and increase the longevity of your servers.

Medical Refrigeration:

Among the most essential applications for refrigeration technology, the proper functioning of a medical refrigerator unit may be the difference between death and life. Trust the pros at A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling LLC to make sure that the units are set up and maintained with the utmost of precision and care.